“A-List Celebrities Who Were Born in or Currently Reside in Austin, Texas”

30+ Celebrities Born in or Living in Austin, Texas
Are you interested in seeing just how many celebrities are born or living in Austin, Texas? From filmmakers to singers, you will be amazed at the talent that have a connection with the ‘Live Music Capital of the World!’

Born in Austin
• Tobe Hooper (Director) (Jan. 25, 1943)
• Tish Hinojosa (Singer) (Dec. 6, 1955)
• Kathy Valentine (Singer) (Jan. 7, 1959)
• Tom Ford (Director/Fashion Designer) (Aug. 27, 1961)
• Michelle Forbes (Actress) (Jan. 8, 1965)
• Rhett Miller (Composer) (Sept. 6, 1970)
• Ethan Hawke (Actor) (Nov. 6, 1970)
• Angela Bettis (Actress) (Jan. 9, 1973)
• Nelly (Singer) (Nov. 2, 1974)
• Ben McKenzie (Actor) (Sept. 12, 1978)
• Gabriel Luna (Actor) (Dec. 5, 1982)
• Gary Clark Jr. (Singer) (Feb. 15, 1984)
• Amber Heard (Actress) (April 22, 1986)
• Glen Powell (Actor) (Oct. 21, 1988)
• Dakota Johnson (Actress) (Oct. 4, 1989)
• Gracie Gillam (Actress) (May 4, 1992)
• Violet Brinson (Actress) (Feb. 27, 2004)

Stars Who Currently Reside in Austin
These stars know that Austin, Texas is the place to be! Here are some celebrities that currently live in the great city of Austin:
• Matthew McConaughey (Actor)
• Jensen Ackles (Actor)
• Chris Harrison (TV Host)
• Sandra Bullock (Actress)
• Luke Wilson (Actor)
• James Marsden (Actor)
• Willie Nelson (Singer)
• Joe Rogan (Podcaster)
• Jonathan Van Ness (Hairstylist/TV Personality)
• Kirsten Dunst (Actress)
• Scott Eastwood (Actor)
• Kate Moss (Model)
• Jared Padalecki (Actor)
• Jesse Plemons (Actor)
• Dan Rather (Journalist)
• Tye Sheridan (Actor)
• Emma Stone (Actress)
• Theo Rossi (Actor)
• Josh Hopkins (Actor)
• Michelle Chin (Internet Personality)

Discover Which Celebrities Called Austin, Texas Home
From All-Star entertainers to award-winning directors, Austin, TX has produced some of the brightest stars in the business. Take a look at the full list of celebs born and living in Austin today.
Discover 30+ Celebrated Celebrities Born or Residing in Austin, TX
If you live in Austin or are an admirer of celebrities with Austin ties, you’ll love finding out just how many stars were either born in the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’ or currently live in the great city of Austin. Take a peek at the extensive list of the impressive talent and find out which celebrities called Austin home.