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Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Willis and Michael Jackson are among the A-list celebrities’ names that appear in a trove of newly released documents relating to Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein’s former lover and accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell.

Epstein had many high-profile connections, including former U.S. presidents, foreign prime ministers and Britain’s Prince Andrew, as well as Hollywood stars, leading academics, people in the modeling and fashion industries and other public figures. Some of the names were previously known through other means despite having been withheld from the public eye in the lawsuit.

Many of the names belong to people who have not been accused of wrongdoing.

The celebrities who appear in the court docs, obtained by Fox News Digital, were mentioned by Giuffre and another alleged Epstein victim, Johanna Sjoberg.


From left: Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Willis and Michael Jackson were all mentioned in documents released relating to a lawsuit brought by Virginia Giuffre against Jeffrey Epstein’s associate Ghislaine Maxwell.  (Getty Images)

Here’s a look at the celebrities mentioned in the 40 documents so far:

Naomi Campbell

In a deposition dated May 3, 2016, Giuffre described going on foreign trips with Maxwell and Epstein, including several trips to France. On one trip to southern France, Giuffre claimed she had sexual contact with Maxwell before attending a birthday party for supermodel Naomi Campbell.

“We were going to Naomi Campbell’s birthday party,” Giuffre clarified in her deposition. “[The sexual encounter] wasn’t at the birthday party.” 

In 2019, Campbell explained that she did know Epstein and that she had been introduced to him through her ex-boyfriend, Flavio Briatore.

Naomi Campbell previously explained she knew Jeffrey Epstein but denied knowing about his crimes. (Reuters)

“What he’s done is indefensible,” Campbell said in a video uploaded to YouTube. “And when I heard what he had done, it sickened me to my stomach just like everybody else, because I’ve had my fair share of sexual predators, and thank God that I had good people around me that protected me from this. Right now, I stand with the victims. I can’t — you know. They’re scarred for life. For life.”

Campbell was responding to photos of herself with Epstein saying, “I find it extraordinary that of all the hundreds of thousands of people that I’ve stood next to to take a picture at a public event, they’ve only chosen these few.”

She later added, “The frightening conclusion here, is that if the negative action of your neighbor, colleague, or even an associate can somehow make you guilty too, simply by association, then we indeed live in very worrying times. This affects us all. It’s wrong, it’s unfair and it must be stopped.”

A representative for Campbell did not respond to Fox News Digital’s immediate request for comment.


Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Bruce Willis and Cameron Diaz

Jeffrey Epstein accuser Johanna Sjoberg spoke about Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Bruce Willis and Cameron Diaz during her deposition. All four celebrities were brought up during the same line of questioning and mostly in passing. None of them are accused of wrongdoing.

Cate Blanchett’s name appeared in newly released documents relating to a lawsuit involving Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. (Noam Galai/Getty Images)

“I did not meet them, no,” Sjoberg claimed when asked. “When I spoke about them, it was when I was massaging [Epstein], and he would get off — he would be on the phone a lot at that time, and one time he said, Oh, that was Leonardo, or, that was Cate Blanchett or Bruce Willis. That kind of thing.”

Sjoberg noted that Epstein was “name-dropping” the celebrities and that she had not met any of them.

Later, she was also asked whether she had met Cameron Diaz — to which she responded, “No.”

Cameron Diaz’s representative told Fox News Digital that the actress had never met nor been associated with Jeffrey Epstein. (Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

“Cameron never met Jeffrey Epstein, nor was she ever in the same place as him or had any association with him whatsoever, regardless of the fact he may or may not have mentioned her name or implied that he knew her,” a representative for the actress told Fox News Digital in a statement.

Representatives for DiCaprio, Blanchett and Willis did not respond to Fox News Digital’s immediate request for comment.

George Lucas

George Lucas, the creator of the “Star Wars” franchise, was mentioned once in the newly released documents.

A Jeffrey Epstein accuser denied meeting filmmaker George Lucas. (Getty Images)

Sjoberg denied meeting the filmmaker, and there was no suggestion of wrongdoing.

A representative for Lucas did not respond to Fox News Digital’s immediate request for comment.


Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was also mentioned by Sjoberg. She confirmed she met the late pop star at Epstein’s Palm Beach home, but claimed she did not massage Jackson.

Michael Jackson allegedly visited Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach home, where Johanna Sjoberg testified she met the late pop star. (Getty Images)

A representative for Jackson’s estate did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

Kevin Spacey

While Kevin Spacey is also named in the documents, Sjoberg denied ever meeting the “House of Cards” star.

Kevin Spacey was previously named as a passenger on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane by the billionaire’s former pilot. (AP/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

Spacey was previously named by Epstein’s former pilot Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr. during testimony for Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial in 2021. He claimed Spacey had once flown in one of Epstein’s planes.

A representative for Spacey did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.


Fox News Digital’s Michael Ruiz contributed to this report.