Woman Sent Letters to 350 Celebrities in 2001, This Is What She Got Back – Newsweek

Woman Sent Letters to 350 Celebrities in 2001, This Is What She Got Back – Newsweek

A Texas woman’s 20-year-old celebrity autograph book has gone viral online after she shared her 2001 project that saw her send mail to over 350 famous faces.

Kim Hoover, who was 31 in 2001, sent letters, material to sign and a return envelope to hundreds of celebrities. Some 20 years later, she has hit over 4 million views online for her impressive time capsule of Hollywood.

Set off by the death of Betty White on December 31, Hoover took to TikTok the next day to show one of the first autographs she received. “I do have Betty White’s,” she said, showing it to be the first autograph documented in the folder.

“To Kim, wishing you all the very best. Many thanks, Betty White,” read the note. “Many thanks for including me in your delightful project.”

“So in 2001, I sent 350 letters to famous people all over the world, asking them for their autograph on a piece of material, and these are all the people that I sent a letter to,” explained Hoover, showing pages of tables containing the names and addresses of celebrities.

According to Hoover, she would send a letter detailing her project along with a piece of fabric to sign and an addressed envelope.

The letter itself was shown to be a heartwarming message about how they had impacted her life so far: “My name is Kim Hoover and I live in Dallas, Texas. I am contacting you because I would like for you to autograph the enclosed piece of material and send it back to me in the enclosed, self-addressed, stamped envelope.

“You are receiving this request because you have affected my life in some fashion within the last 31 years. I am making a blanket that will be a reminder of how happy and full my life is today and the events, songs, jokes and movies that contributed to my search of self.

“I am a homemaker who has not affected the world the way you have, but who has found my place in this world not only with help of my close loved ones, but also with the unintentional influence from you and your work.”

Hoover’s mission was successful, and garnered autographs from the likes of John Travolta, Elizabeth Taylor, Dick Van Dyke, Robert De Niro, Bill Gates and Dolly Parton.

Her favorite of all, however, was from Kevin Costner, who vowed to “see you at the movies” in his note.

Despite her hard work to track the best addresses, Hoover explained that almost a third were posted back to the sender.

Many, like Betty White, signed the fabric exactly as asked while others of Hollywood’s favorite simply sent back pre-signed items. Nolan Ryan, for example, sent back a price sheet for how much he charged for autographs.

Ones who “didn’t understand the assignment” include Reba McEntire and George Bush Sr., who were unable to sign it due to busy schedules—and office policies, of course.

With so many views on TikTok, many have been left impressed by the sheer amount of autographs and the peek into each of their characters through their chosen responses.

“You need to insure this,” commented one …….

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