Reddit Weighs In On The ‘Cringiest’ Celebrities in Viral Post – Newsweek

Reddit Weighs In On The ‘Cringiest’ Celebrities in Viral Post – Newsweek

“AskReddit,” a popular subreddit that frequently sparks a wide range of conversations, posed a question that went viral and had people talking. Who is the cringiest celebrity?

With more than 16,000 votes and 10,000 comments, Reddit users weighed in on who they felt took the crown as the “cringiest” celebrity. Here are a few of the responses.

Jake Paul

One of the top comments, with more than 20,000 votes, deemed Internet personality and professional boxer, Jake Paul, as one of the cringiest celebrities.

“I knew this would be top comment before I opened the post,” Reddit user greenespice wrote.

Paul is no stranger to controversy.

For example, Newsweek reported that his house was raided by FBI agents in 2020. In a statement sent to the Los Angeles local ABC News station, federal agents confirmed that they found multiple firearms on his property. The weapons were seized and no arrests were made.

The raid occurred after he was arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona, earlier that year in June. He was charged with criminal trespassing and unlawful assembly when videos appeared to show him looting at a mall.

However, Paul denied participating in the looting that took place at the mall. He said he was there to document what happened for his YouTube channel, which has more than 20 million subscribers.

A viral Reddit post asked readers to share who they felt were the “cringiest” celebrities. One of the top-rated answers was Internet personality and professional boxer Jake Paul. Above Jake Paul at his most recent boxing match against Tyron Woddley.
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Celebrities that sang John Lennon’s “Imagine” on Instagram

“Whoever instigated that horrible Imagine singalong at the beginning of the pandemic. Erghh,” Pythia007 wrote.

At the start of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Newsweek reported that a number of celebrities participated in a video posted to actress Gal Gadot’s Instagram account in which they sang John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

She said the pandemic was a reminder “we’re all in this together.”

In addition to Gadot, Kristen Wiig, Jamie Dornan, James Marsden, Jimmy Fallon and others sang in the video.

Many viewers, however, felt the video was tone-deaf.

“‘It’s day 6 of this [self-isolation]…’ Oh, life must be so hard for you!” Reddit user texasspacejoey wrote.

Wrote PieIntelligent7084: “The sheer arrogance is astounding. Apparently Gadot later said she wanted to do something ‘good and pure,’ whatever the hell that means.”

Ellen DeGeneres

Some Redditors shared a general dislike for the talk show host’s personality.

“She has this air of malice around her all the time, it gives you the creeps if you look past the surface,” MrLanesLament wrote. “Like, cool, she just gave your school $50,000, but the more you talk, the more passive aggressive jokes she’ll make about you.”

Other commenters shared specific reasons for disliking DeGenerous. One cited the incident that she attempted to coax Mariah Carey into talking about her pregnancy on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, despite the fact that the singer did not yet …….